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    Signing of Agreement with REGNIS

    Note for Signing of Agreement with REGNIS Regnis (Lanka) Plc is a member of the group of SINGER Sri Lanka companies and is engaged in manufacture and assembly of refrigerators and split type air conditioners. Producing foams and plastic components for refrigerators also done by the Company. REGNIS is the market leader of domestic refrigerators.

    Foams are used as thermal insulation in refrigerators, REGNIS used chemical called Polyol and HCFC 141 b to manufacture foams.

    Under the HCFC phase-out Management plan for Sri Lanka, Executive Committee of the Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol, at its 62nd meeting through Decision 62/ 54, approved the grant of US$ 18,866 to REGNIS as incentive payment for converting their existing foam manufacturing facilities using HCFCs to non-HCFC technology and to phase-out of HCFCs in accordance with the agreement that is sign today.

    Though the REGNIS shall permanently discontinue the use of HCFCs as of 31 March 2014, it has already completed converting to ozone friendly technology (changing into Cyclopentane – a type of hydrocarbon) eliminating use of HCFC 141 b completely. It has come to know that Company has spent US$ 350,000 for this project

    This is a remarkable achievement particularly for Sri Lanka, because this is an encouraging example that private sector fully committed to support HCFC Phase-out Management Plan in our country, even before the target set out by the protocol.

    So, as the Secretary of ME&RE, thank REGNIS for taking great effort to support phasing out programme of HCFCs as planned and NOU for initiating the project.

    Mr. Balaji of UNDP in Bangkok also took extraordinary effort to make this project a success and he also deserve our praise.



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