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Issuing Certificates for HCFC importers - for 2013

Import Quota System for HCFCs in Sri Lanka.

1.0 Background:

To facilitate the ODS phase out process; Sri Lanka has adopted rapid and widespread legal reform and stringent amendments to its environmentlegislation. Sri Lanka’s compliance with the Montreal Protocol requires proper enforcement and monitoring of these policies throughout the country. As a result of this the ozone depleting substances (ODS) Licensing System was established in Sri Lanka in 1996, and it is the mechanism controlling of import of ODSs into the country.

The policy of the licensing system helped to reduce the importation of CFCs and other ozone depleting substances over time consistent with the Phase-out Schedule. This was achieved by the following methods:

  • According to the base-line an annual national consumption limit was set.
  • Established Importers network that was identified by the National Ozone Unit (NOU) were allowed to import ODS in limited amounts each year.
  • Every Importer was required to be registered with the NOU and Licences were issued by the Import & Export Controller’s department.
  • Each Importer was given a percentage of the national quota.  This was set by reference to past patterns of ODS consumption and evidence of future needs.

Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) are one class of chemicals being used to replace CFCs, owing to their comparatively low damaging effect to the ozone layer. However, Montreal Protocol has decided to phase out HCFCs of their uses. In the meantime, Sri Lanka is fully aware that the smooth implementation of the HCFC phase out is one of the steps of its vital historic mission. Experiences from the implementation of previous control measures for ODS could be utilized to consolidate the formidable challenges. Introducing a quota system for imports will be implemented.

Importing HCFCS is subjected to a system of annual import quotas. When the process of eliminating the consumption of specific HCFCs begins, in compliance with obligations in the Montreal Protocol, the annual import quotas granted to companies are gradually reduced until such consumption is totally phased out

2.0 Method of introducing quota system.

  • Identify all importers who imported HCFCs in 2009, 2010, 2011 and importers of current year until 30th June 2012
  • Publish paper notices inviting new importers to be registered.
  • Obtain background information about the importer in terms of business operation and performance.
  • Obtain confirmation letters on their fresh participating in HCFC quota system and data on actual quantity of HCFCs imported substance wise (i.e., HCFC-22, HCFC-141b etc.) for the above-mentioned period.
  • Estimate maximum quantity of HCFCs in ODP tons that can be made available to licensed importers
  • Estimated on a percentage basis % of HCFC consumption in MT and ODP tons of total baseline level for each importer. (i.e., average of 2009 and 2010 levels)
  • When the quota is determined and the importer meets the required conditions, Licence is issued   in an original and a duplicate (Customs Copy) which can be collected by the applicant within 2-3 days
  • In case the enterprises want to relinquish their quotas for HCFC imports, the same quota may be distributed among other importers
  • The NOU, to complete its records, would keep the application form and each consignment is marked off against the Licence manually until the Licence is exhausted/cancelled.
  • In case the enterprises want to transfer quotas, they would be allowed to transfer this quota with other licensed importers only.  Prior authorization  from Director NOU should be obtained in such transfer and amount will be decided by the Director- NOU. 
  • All quotas should operate on calendar year basis and should expire at the end of the calendar year.

Names of the importers who awarded the quota certificates

    • Atco Refrigeration (Pvt) Ltd
    • Aceref Spares (Pvt) Ltd
    • Thilhara Ref & Electricals (Pvt) Ltd
    • Lalith Enterprises
    • J.S.S. Enterprises  (Pvt) Ltd
    • Ajanee Trading Co.(Pvt) Ltd
    • Vivasa (Pvt) Ltd
    • C.W. Mackie PLC
    • Bio Tech Engineering Service
    • Zainash Company (Pvt) Ltd
    • Rohan Rodrego  Ref & Air Co Pvt Ltd
    • Modern Group
    • Modern Aircon  (PVT) Ltd
    • Season Air Trading Company
    • P&G Holdings  (PVT)Ltd
    • M.Z.M. Niyaz & Co. Ltd
    • Lankem Reform Pvt. Ltd
    • Universal Trading Company
    • Cool King Engeneers & Supplies
    • Roc Cool Pvt Ltd
    • Regnis (Lanka) PLC
    • Ashini Trading
    • KS Traiding
    • Abans Ltd
    • EAM Maliban Textiles Pvt Ltd

    Specimen of Quota Certificate





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